Why Ireland?


 If you ask any Irish person what’s the best country to live in, they will tell you it’s Ireland. Why?

Because of the friendliness of the people; always ready to help and always greeting you with a smile on their face 😃

Because of the Irish culture: traditional Irish music, Irish pubs and not only… 🍺

Because of St. Patrick’s Day. We need not say more! 🍀

Because of the beautiful landscapes; if you don’t believe us, check out the photos below. 🌊🌄

Because of the big number of festivals and cultural events that take place every year

Because Ireland is such a small country, you can get from one place to another in just a couple of hours. More travelling! 🚗

Because you will never experience extreme temperatures. ☼ ☂

Because of sports, be it football, golf, rugby or hurling. No bigger supporters than the Irish! ⛳

Because it’s green. All year long. 🌲🍃

Because Dublin might be the only capital in the world where you can find deer in a park; we are talking about Phoenix Park, that’s right!