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How do you sell yourself and your company? What do you do to attract candidates to work with you?

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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, and Values are... Read more >

Different people, different needs.

Different people, different needs. Part 4 of our "Dream Team" series. - 3 minutes read Read more >

Calling all construction workers! Open-day in domeniul constructiilor! Interview days in Bacau, Romania – 10th & 11th August

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Code of honour: Be a Knight in the techno-world [Part 10 of our Dream Team series; 2 minutes read]

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Responsibility – the 3rd magic ingredient [part 8 of blog series “How to build a dream team”]

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Focus – 2nd Magic ingredient (Part 7 of our Dream Team series ◊ 2 minutes read)

Choose to be focused. And stay focused. Our life nowadays is full of distractions: internet, TV,... Read more >

Attitude – 1st Magic ingredient [Part 6 of our Dream Team series ◊ 3 minutes read]

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Hire slow, fire fast [part 5 of “Dream Team” series ◊ 2 minutes read]

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