Staff Don’t Run Themselves

They need to know the Score

Know the Score

I know that we all get caught up in running our business, and taking time to sit down and think, seems like a “Nice to have” rather than a “must do”, but I’ve learned that not being in control gets you into trouble. This year I took a decision to be the first Irish man to travel to all the countries in the world ( I realise that to do this, I have to make sure that my business can run on, let’s say, less of me. My old buddy Einstein said that “your goal should be so clear, that you can explain it to a six year old child, and that six your old child should be able to tell you where you are with it”. I asked this to a potential client this week, who was asking me to recruit a key staff member for him, but I suspected it was going to be a waste of time , so I asked him if he knew where he was with his income target for the year. He laughed at me and said “no, don’t be stupid, I’m too busy to be looking at that Sh*te”. My fears were answered and I had to tell him that unless he was sure of what he wanted the new person to do, and critically, how he would measure them, he was wasting both our time. That got me thinking. As business owners what do we do. Well it’s not a straight forward answer, as some of us do different things, but there are two critical things that, if we don’t do them, we are screwed. These are:

    • Measure Results
    • Change activities

So to not fall into the trap of wishing I could travel the world AND run my business, I asked the million dollar question we should all ask ourselves: What do I have to do to make this happen?  This highlights a key tool in enabling yourself to run both your staff and business in an efficient way, and that is: Asking the right questions – fixing the right problem! So what can we learn from this that will allow us to swan off around the world.

1. Well first thing is, get a handle on the right measures because What you can’t see …… can kill you !

2. Second, is to establish if the business goal is clear? So clear that your staff know exactly why they are there.

3. Third – do you have the right measurements in place that will allow you to know if you are on track or not, and if you’re not, do you know what to tell your staff to do differently.

Bottom Line, everyone likes to know the Score. A wise man once said “if you can’t read the Score board, you don’t know the score, if you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers”