Simple Advice on how to Measure Staff – In Ireland

Why am I in Business

Are you stuck trying to manage your team?

Have you read all the blogs, but none of them fit your Irish Company?

Here is a no nonsense account explaining how to make fancy concepts work – Irish Style Everyday in our HR outsourcing business, we are listening to the frustrations of Irish SME’s trying to effectively manage their team to perform exceptionally. They all have a few things in common;

  • They have survived the financial meltdown of the last few years
  • They have a viable company which they have sweated guts and tears to keep
  • They have all gone to fancy motivational seminars that make them feel great – for a while
  • They are swamped with advice which all seems to make more work
  • They still find themselves having to do – EVERYTHING!!

So what’s wrong? “Haven’t I jumped outside of the “box” that I can’t F***ing see the box any more?” One client passed this comment to me the other day and the frustration almost had him, a successful grown man, in tears. For a moment I struggled to see what was wrong because he HAD been doing all the right things, in fact, I thought, haven’t I been doing this myself over the past few years?? Then the answer hit me! Yes he had made all the right efforts, and man had he made efforts, but the fact was that he had made so many efforts, he had lost sight of a critical thing: Why are you in business? This might seem like another blasé, grandiose, happy clappy statement, but the gravity of it is enormous. Here is a massive secret You are in business to make money. In fact you are in business to make as much as you can, otherwise you would take a regular job … right ? ah…. Wrong! The most fundamental thing I have learned that has helped me to double my profits in 18 months, is to figure out why I am doing it in the first place. When a great sage called Iain Cahill (ArtofWealth) asked me this question, I answered exactly as I have written above, and he simply answered, (I might add in a very annoying way that made me want to punch him in the face) ; Yeah yeah, great lad – but .. Why? I said, “don’t be stupid, isn’t that what everyone wants?” He said “ah no – for example I want to sail, I know I need money to do that, but first and foremost, I want to sail, so I have designed my business around that outcome”. I got a little giddy at the different way of thinking, and re-thought my answer (for about 30 milliseconds) and said , “ okay then, I want to be the first Irish man to travel to all the countries in the world” He started to smile, he knew he had me! The big revelation for me in what he said was the word – “Outcome” What outcome do you want? That is the first step in managing your staff effectively, efficiently, would you believe, even enjoyably – because you now know why you are doing it! I wont lie, it might take you a while to figure it out, but it sure as hell is worth knowing! For me, it was travel. I love it! The main picture shows my trusty old motor bike stuck in the Nubian Desert in Northern Sudan (if you look closely you’ll even see the Laois reg) So – once you have that figured out you need to know the following (and by the way I used to say it was to pay down all my debt – also a load of Sh*te – it doesn’t work like that)

  • Outcome no 1 – how much money do I need to do what I really want?
  • Outcome no 2 – when do I want it by, go on be brave, anything is possible
  • Outcome no 3 – what actions will have to happen for me to get to that point, that magical thing, whatever it is! Be simple, be brutal, be specific
  • Outcome no 4 – who do I need to carryout these actions, and what skills do they need to have – it’s simpler than you think
  • Outcome no 5 – how will I measure this? I mean there is no point in going to watch the All Ireland (not that we Laois men get there often) unless there is some way to measure who wins – its called … the Score ! simples!

Okay, I hear you say, “but that wont work for me” You’re absolutely correct! And if you keep telling yourself that, then you’ll be more right than you think, quicker than you think! First piece of advice, get a piece of paper and write down your own version of what I said – if you still think I’m wrong, come to the office in Citywest and throw something at me. (But if I’m right …….) Second Piece of advice – allow yourself to have what you really want – it feels feckin great!

Gary O Keeffe. Crewit