How do you sell yourself and your company? What do you do to attract candidates to work with you? [Part 3 of Dream Team series ◊ 3 minutes read]

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What do you do to attract candidates to work with you? Interviews can be stressful for most candidates and it’s common that an interviewer is in more comfortable position. It is important to remember that, you are trying to recruit someone to be a part of your team, your Dream Team?Taking on board a new staff member it’s a huge responsibility. As a hiring manager or business owner, you are afraid of making a mistake, wasting time and money. Disappointment lurks around the corner. But that’s only one side of the coin. Did you ever get stressed that the suitable candidates won’t accept your offer? That you are the one having to deal with rejection? There are many reasons behind someone’s decision to come work on your team, and many factors that can tilt the scale in one or the other side. Do you know what are the decision factors that attract the candidates? Did you just think about money? Did you know that statistically, money is important for 60% of candidates but it’s not the only decision factor. And people don’t based decisions on only one factor. What are the factors then?

  • Career development
  • Location of the job
  • Flexible working options
  • Work & life balance
  • Clear job/ responsibilities description
  • Perks and benefits
  • Great office culture
  • Employer brand
  • Training and development

It’s also important how you present yourself as a boss/ manager, what are yours and your firm’s values. Can you passionately describe mission of your company? Can you tell what results do you expect from your future employee? Have you clearly explained what tasks are involved to have those results delivered? Explained the skills would your employee need to make it happen? Convinced them of support  they can expect to get them there? If you can’t passionately tell a story about your company or if you don’t know what you want, you won’t be authentic when selling the position. And people buy authenticity. They want to know that they’ll be part of something real, something they might share and be proud of. A real thing. Here at Crewit we have our own recruitment strategy. We openly tell all potential candidates not only the “pretty” part but also the “ugly” such as:

  • They’ll be pushed to learn and educate themselves
  • They’ll be pushed to have a goal for themselves, both personal and professional
  • They’ll have to read and present to the team 4 books a year
  • They’ll have to actively participate in industry events and webinars and present main topics to the rest of the team day after

We don’t accept “blame game”, poisoning team with negative thoughts and doing stuff only ok. We don’t work like this. Sounds simple but for many people that’s too much effort and it’s better for both sides to digest this information before making a decision. On the other hand, we offer them full support and the right to make mistakes, a “green corner” with comfy chair to relax or think things through, visits of our lovely pet – Phoebe, friendly office environment where everyone can openly share their ideas, office parties and access to off road adventures. Oh and Gary, our singing boss; how could I miss this partJ (well we all know there has to be some things you just have to put up with J). And our team works with us, not only for us. We are partners and we treat ourselves as ones. Those “features” are in most cases the decision factors. And how does it look in your company?

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1 action to take Make a list of all features your company can offer. Ask your team members/ employees what are the main factors for them and compare it with what you have thought. Check if that what’s on offer is what your employees said. If yes, Bingo! Congrats, good job! If no, think what 1 feature you can add/change today to make the position more attractive for new employees. Start with one thing, you’ll be amazed what difference that could make. If you’re not sure where to start or what action to take, contact me and I’ll happy to assist you, simply email me at

Thanks for reading.