Responsibility – the 3rd magic ingredient [part 8 of blog series “How to build a dream team”]

zdj-responsibilityWhy do we call RESPONSIBILITY the 3rd magic ingredient? Because attitude along with focus is nothing without understanding that you’re responsible. Responsible not only for your own desk but for the team you work with, your targets and goals. You’re responsible for the company’s profit; yes, you are! Every step you take or hesitate to take influences profit of your company. All the missed calls, unchecked voicemail, forgotten email, delated delivery, missed meeting – that’s obvious, yeah? Think about all the webinars and network events you decided not to take part in, emails sent with anger, rude reply because of your bad mood. – Not so obvious but still you can understand the connection between these actions and an unprofitable result. How about something less obvious? You see your colleague struggle but it’s 5 to 5 and you have only a free evening on your mind. Or, you leave your dirty mug on a table and in the morning your colleague or manager (sic!) puts it in the dishwasher. How is that relevant you ask? It is, believes it or not. Your manager wastes his/her time cleaning after you, gets frustrated (if it’s not the first time) and that frustration then spreads through the team and/or clients. Not your problem, eh? It’s the company’s problem if the team doesn’t follow the rules nor support each other. And YOU ARE the company. If you think about your desk only and your colleagues think the same, you can’t say “there’s a team”, it’s only a group of individuals working together. It’s hard to build something creative or innovative without that magic team spirit. How is the attitude in your company? If it’s not the best, would you consider changing it by starting from yourself? Maybe being more positive and productive instead of being busy? Do you think it’s not worth it because that is a workplace? Yeah and you spent 1/3 of your day here. “Dripping water hollows out stone”…. and it starts with one small drop – be the drop! excuses-and-responsibilityBeing responsible means to do your best at that very moment, not more not less. Do your work, look around and help others, have your goal on your mind and be creative. Do your best, it doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a large organisation, a secretary or a gardener. Be the change! It starts with you – be responsible and finish what you begin, no more excuses:) And before you leave your workplace today, ask yourself this one simple question “Would you pay someone for the job you’ve done today?” Change your perception and look at your work from the other person side. Take responsibility!CTA-crewit