What do you need to inspire your team? [Part 2 of the Dream Team series ◊ 2 minutes read]

osada wioslarska

Now when you know that your team sees you as a leader you may catch yourself thinking how can you inspire them? Ask yourself: What do you need to be? What do you need to have? What do you need to do? To inspire other people, you have to be inspired first. You have to want something; have a vision, a dream that would inspire you and become your goal. As we’re talking about building a Dream Team, lets focus on a professional goal. Goal that scares you first and makes your mind works faster and more efficient. Goal that lets you see opportunities around you just by shifting your way of thinking and something what seemed impossible yesterday, become more and more reachable today. Once you’re inspired by your goal and you believe in it, you need a plan; an inspiring plan to work towards your goal. Now you have to take action and execute your plan. Be consistent with your goal and your actions, no matter what. Share the goal and the plan with your team. Tell them an interesting story how their life would change when you all achieve the goal together, how would it demonstrate, what can they achieve and gain for themselves. Let them see themselves as an important part of that journey. Involve them in planning small steps to achieve the goal. They need to see advantages of your professional goal in their lives. They need to feel as an essential part of the team on the way to fulfill your & their vision. Eventually your vision must become the goal they want for themselves. To keep them inspired all way long, your vision and your behaviour must be consistent; you have to become your goal. Every journey to success has its ups and downs. Be prepared, don’t give up and stay focused. Fight for your goal and the future of your team. It won’t be difficult if you’re inspired by your goal. What do you need to be to inspire people? – You need to be reliable and consistent. What do you need to have to inspire people? – You need to have a vision, an inspiring goal. What do you need to do to inspire people? – You need to take action, make your team be an important part of your plan and never give up. Here at Crewit we have an inspiring goal for 2016. We know what we want. All team members are involved in implementing new operation procedures and work towards their individual goals which are part of our company goal. The Future looks exceptional good for us and we’re working in more efficient way to help and support all of our customers, clients and job seekers. So, what do you want for yourself and your team? What is your professional goal for 2016? One action to take this week. Do you have your professional goal for 2016? If so, congratulations! I hope you have it in writing and every day you take actions to reach your goal. If you don’t have your goal yet, think about something that could inspire you to jump off your bed every morning and make you work towards it. Make a list of all your wants and choose the one that scares you most:) I’m not joking; the biggest challenge will be the best tool to shift your thinking. Building a Dream Team could be an inspiring goal as well. Just pick one, have it in writing and prepare your action plan. If you’re not sure where to start or what action to take, contact me and I’ll happy to assist you, simply email me at eva@crewit.ie

Thanks for reading.