Mission, Vision, and Values (Part 9 of our Dream Team series ◊ 2 minutes read)

visionMission, Vision, and Values are critical pillars of an organisation. They show the framework of thinking.

Crewit’s Mission & Vision.

Crewit is a Recruitment Partner. We provide services to two groups of customers, companies looking to recruit employees and job seekers looking for a new career. Our mission is to perform in an efficient and effective way every time  and to search and recruit the best possible candidates that will suit our clients’ requirements, as well as advise job seekers on the process to find their dream job. Crewit’s main office is located in Dublin, Ireland and we operate within markets in Ireland, UK and Germany. We also have capability to recruit people to work in other countries within the EU and further afield, depending on client’s needs. We specialise in recruitment for the following sectors: Construction, Engineering, IT, Admin/ Sales and Healthcare. During the recruitment process we act as a business partner for our clients and job seekers. It’s important for us to find the best solution for both sides, skilled employee’s that will fit our client’s team and good company for our job seekers. We help our clients to focus on their core business by taking away the struggle of recruitment processes. We advise job seekers, we support them on the journey to find their talents and the career they want for themselves. We also support our own team members to become experts in their field and fulfil their careers.

Our main values are as follows:

  1. TRUST

We listen to our clients and their needs and we trust in our processes and our own team as we recruit their new team members. We have trust in our ability to provide top class services.


We are pro-active, we respond rather than react. We have Standard Operation Procedures in place, we think strategically and plan ahead, that’s why we can respond rapidly to our clients’ needs.


We are open to clients’ needs. No job is too difficult, too far or too late. We adapt quickly to changing market’s needs.


We treat all customers like our business partners. Their satisfaction is our reward.


We have an efficient team that cooperates smoothly between different departments. We communicate openly, we support each other and take responsibility for the final result.


We focus on priorities and efficiently manage ourselves in time. We are not quitters, we are goal achievers, we finish our tasks and focus on solutions, not on issues.


We educate ourselves. We understand importance of education and upskilling. We learn from our mistakes, we don’t give up, just shake off dust and move forward.