Hire slow, fire fast [part 5 of “Dream Team” series ◊ 2 minutes read]


Getting straight to the point, we should always hire slow.

Take a time to think who would you like or even need to join your team. RESULTS – what are the results you want to accomplish by hiring that person?TASKS – list all tasks that person would have to do to deliver the results you expect from them SKILLS – what skills are necessary to have all these tasks done?

Results, tasks and skills – that’s your skeleton.

Now you can cover it with the attitude you’d admire in that person, personality, work ethic and that magic something that makes you feel it in your gut. That’s an ideal situation, however quite often we are pushed by circumstances to hire “for yesterday”. Of course we can say “don’t blame circumstances, create the ones you need” and that’s very true but it’s a hard work we often don’t have time for. When you have to hire fast, use professional services such as Crewit:) Without personal connection with your firm or the position, we can be objective and as a result more efficient in recruiting by looking at the candidates from a different perspective than you – independent perspective. If it’s not an option for you, always think about the results you want of hiring someone. Always! Have it at the back of your mind when you screen or interview candidates, during the probation time and when you give them your daily/ weekly feedback. Think about results out of that person and think towards your firm’s results you want. Always think ahead and regularly analyse your company’s situation; with all new projects, orders and your pipeline. Think what would you need to deliver these projects on time and with the best quality. Only then you can hire slow and find someone you’d really like to be part of your team.

Fire fast and it’s not a cruelty but the best solution for both sides.

When you start thinking that maybe you should fire someone, the decision is already made. These thoughts are not coming to you without a reason. The reason is based on your long term observation, results or attitude of that person. It’s something what has begun a while ago and now it’s action time. Targets are important but attitude and work ethic are everything. If the targets are not reached, give your team a feedback and support to re-plan your strategy. But when the attitude is bad, the change has to come from that person. You can’t do it for them. Of course you can suggest something but if they can’t see it as an issue, they won’t be able or willing to change it. So when you feel that there’s a poisoned fruit in your basket, don’t wait to make it grow to monster sizes. Cut it off and do it fast. Most people feel that they would be fired. They know what’s going on, they know how do they do their work. If their attitude is bad, it’s obvious they don’t like the job. They stay in the employment because that’s easy and won’t require any actions and decisions from their side. In many cases it’s a relief for you and them, once the decision is made. Remember that you need a team, not a group of people working together. Only team can be truly creative as only team feels responsible for the company, and not only for their own desk. Synergy.


1 action you can take today Analyse your pipeline and make a list of people you’d like to hire once you have a need/ new project or financial resources. List the results, tasks and then skills. Create a picture of the “best fit” player for your team. Verify it from time to time and always keep the list handy and ready for the time when you have a “live” requirement. If you’re not sure where to start, call me and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading.