Different people, different needs. [Part 4 of Dream Team series. – 3 minutes read]

Different people, different needs.

Part 4 of our “Dream Team” series. – 3 minutes read


We are different and we all know that. It is said however, that it’s not that we are different, we are just a limited edition. Preferences vary from person to person. Every one of us have different needs, dreams and expectations. As a manager or employer, it’s your job, almost your most critical management task, to figure it out what are the needs of your current and future employees. Without that valuable and vital insight, you won’t be able to motivate your team or attract new talented candidates to join your team. You can of course simply ask them what they need, but the odds are pretty good that they’ll say, they don’t know. They are not making your life any easier. You could feel justified in giving up here, saying “I tried this and asked them, and if they don’t know themselves, how can I help them.” But …. As a manager you would be missing out- there is massive opportunity in digging deeper. In general, we can say that there are four basic “needs”, requirements once fulfilled can attract the best candidate and inspire your team.

People want to be paid for what they do. That’s obvious – right!

Make sure that your team members understand requirements behind the money they receive. Challenge them to understand why they want the money – what will they do with it. It’s important to give them a clear message, what’s the basic salary, how are commissions calculated, when is it paid, what for etc. They need to know your requirements and their responsibilities, your expectations and their targets. Lack of clear rules can bring frustration in you and your employees. Be crystal clear!

People want to feel that they belong to the group, that they are part of something big.

Make them part of your vision – invite them to be proud of your brand. It could be an interesting project or a group they are part of. In general, they want to be part of something big, something they could be proud of. If your company is well known, if you’re Google, Facebook or Richard Branson, your job is done; most people would love to work with you. If not, you have to make sure that you present all advantages of being part of your team or working on a project; advantages for the employee, not for you.

Development needs to be understood as self- and career development, and education.

You have to understand that your best team members are looking for career, not a job. They need to see advantages for their future career. Don’t be afraid to invest in your team and their training. Have a look on the picture below which illustrates importance of investing in people.

team zdj

It’s pretty clear- there is no justifiable logic in not investing in people.

Recognition. We all need a pinch of recognition from time to time.

You’ll be surprised what a difference can simple “Thank you” make. Say “Thank you” to your team at the end of the day, appreciate their work and pro-active initiative. Do you have to? No, you don’t have to, especially if your attitude is that “you have to”. People buy into authenticity, so when you feel they did something good, just say it. You’ll be amazed seeing how do they grow and how is their work ethic changes. Focus on the Strengths Keep the balance, demand from your team and appreciate their efforts. It’s hard at times, especially if they didn’t reach the target. However, look for their best qualities, focus on them only and very quick you will find a way to manage your team better and to build on their strong skills with minimise their weaknesses. There’s a long way ahead of me to be focused only on the best qualities in people. I’m learning everyday together with my team. I’m not afraid to admit that I was wrong and simply say sorry. That’s human thing, that’s authenticity.

1 action you can take today – this will make you money!

Talk to your team and understand their needs. Help them to find their own goals and build a solid motivation programme based on that. Happy people at work are capable of doing miracles and we all could do with a few little miracles every week! If you’re not sure where to start or what action to take, contact me and I’ll happy to assist you, simply email me at eva@crewit.ie

Thanks for reading.