How to become a Leader [Part 1 of the Dream Team series – 3 minutes read]

“How to become a leader” is a topic worth a thought. Definition “A Leader is a person who leads or guides a group of individuals”. You won’t become a leader by simply calling yourself a leader, or by adding this magic word on your business card. You can be a successful manager or supervisor and never become a leader. On the other hand, you can be a regular worker that would move co-workers by the way you behave, act in challenging situations or simply by your energy and positive attitude. What do you need then to become a leader? You have to be reliable. People have to trust you and I mean trust as a mixture of respect and admiration. But how to do that? The answer is very simple if you ask yourself who are the people you trust and admire? What do they have? What do they do? What do they represent and stand for? How you look, move and behave – Is critical; your picture must be consistent to be reliable. Let’s look at the most important components. 1. Your appearance – Is your walk full of energy? Do you have a sharp look and straight confident posture? You can’t overestimate the power of body language; the way you shake hands and keep your arms when you’re around people, especially someone you just met for the first time. Be interested! 2. Knowing and doing gap – Do you have vast impressive knowledge? Fantastic but it’s not enough! You have to do things, not only know how to do them. Take action, implement new skills and polish them until they become your skill armour. 3. Be open minded and straight forward with a pinch of diplomacy – Listen without judging, believe in your ideas but respect other opinions. Stand for what you believe in without offending others. But most of all be open to new ideas and be ready to shift your gears and thinking. 4. Integrity – When you work with people, integrity is everything. Keep your word. Be on time. Be responsible for your actions. Don’t look for excuses and don’t blame circumstances – you always have a choice how you’ll respond to what have just happened. 5. Be a goal achiever – Finish what you’ve started. Look for solutions rather than issues. Don’t quit and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Remember that sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Learn from mistakes and move forward. You’re only a failure when you give up. Fight for your goal! 6. Be demanding – Demand from yourself first, example must come from you, then you can demand from others. Kick yourself out from your comfort zone and do the same with your team. It is the only way to shift your thinking and to grow. Do it with smile on your face. Demand, support and reward your team. 7. Energy – Fill your office with positive energy, make your team believe in your vision and include them on the journey to success. 8. Goal – You have to have a goal to work towards, goal that inspires you and exposes you to new ideas. Share your goal with your team. Be excited about it and spread the positive energy on your team and give them direction they can follow. Here at Crewit we have a leader. Leader we follow and admire, Gary.desktop leader Gary Man of many talents, that inspires us by telling us interesting, smart and funny stories. He’s serious about his work and his passions, he shares with us his ups and downs and shows us a way out of any critical situation. He has banned the word “problem” from our office and as you read this text you won’t find that word “p*****m”. To be fair, he has allowed some alternatives. We can use instead “issue”, “challenge” or “opportunity“. Try it, it made a huge difference in our company and it might make a change in your life too. Consider that a leader is the one that supports the team in critical moments and inspires them to reach for more. Do you inspire people? If you’d like to learn how to do it in the more efficient way, check our blog next Wed. One action to take this week. Score yourself for each of the 8 qualities we focused on above. Give yourself 1-10 points for each quality, when 1 is the lowest and 10 the highest. Be honest, you’re doing it for yourself. Then see where you’re the strongest and where the weakest. Congratulate yourself for the strongest skills and take action on the quality with the lowest score. Don’t wait till tomorrow, do it today and you’ll be one step closer to create your Dream Team. Think big. If you’re not sure where to start or what action to take, contact me and I’ll happy to assist you, simply email me at

Thanks for reading.