Attitude – 1st Magic ingredient [Part 6 of our Dream Team series ◊ 3 minutes read]

attitude faces

It’s all about your attitude!

And believe it or not, attitude is your choice – yes, you choose your attitude! We all have potential and attitude makes all the difference. Change your mind, change the way you think and everything around you will change. We have influence on our life. If you’re not happy, don’t complain, don’t bulls**t yourself. Stop talking and start doing.

Don’t blame circumstances, things don’t happen – we create them!

Attitude comes from your inside, not the other way round. Don’t let the outside world demolish your attitude. You can learn new skills but you can’t learn the attitude. You have to find it in yourself – it’s already there! Find motivation for your actions, be determinate to do something. It’s all in the way you think and what thoughts do you plant in your mind. Our MD, Gary told me once, that our mind is like a field. And like into a field you can plant seeds of beautiful flower or seeds of an ugly hated weed. And for soil it doesn’t really matter what seeds you planted, they will grow. Our mind works the same. Positive or negative thoughts once planted will sprout first and then will grow stronger and stronger to develop in full. There’s no logical reason behind planting negative thoughts in your mind. Why would you do that to yourself? Would you by purpose plant weed in your garden? Positive thoughts on the other hand can make all the magic and enchant your life.

Eventually you become what you think about all day long!

It doesn’t mean that you won’t lose from time to time. You will but the difference is your perception. With positive attitude you will treat a loss as a lesson; you will learn from it and move forward. And remember that sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Trying doesn’t make you a loser, you’re only a failure when you quit. When people see themselves as part of a team, they are open and creative and they share the positive energy, positive ideas. They don’t compete, they create. Everything resonates and you don’t have to wait long to observe positive results from your actions. Become a part of the team and “infect” people with good attitude and positive energy; make a decision to have a happy life. Every team needs a leader with good attitude and every leader needs team members with mind focused on solutions and not on problems. People with negative attitude can be very “creative” at times – they can find 3 problems for every solution:) Don’t be like them. Be like a proton – always positive:) That’s the best physics lesson I remember from being a student.proton

Stop creating excuses and create circumstances – positive circumstances for your actions.

Think positive, look for positive motivation and for energetic people around you. Take action!

1 action you can take today

How is your attitude? Do you let circumstances influence the way you think?Look how your environment reacts when you have a good attitude and then when you have a negative attitude. Do you like what you see? Make a list of things that make you feel positive. I hope your goal is one of them. Find a reason to wake up every morning with smile on your face. And remind yourself that reason every time you’re losing it. If you’re not sure where to start, call me and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading.