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Our adventure with Recruitment begun in 1996 when Gary O’Keeffe entered the world of recruitment.

The plan was very simple – to source and provide Irish & UK businesses with the best possible people for their companies. Since then Canduco celebrated a lot of successes and learned even more lessons. 2015 & 2016 have become crucial for our company’s future when Gary took over a MD role with Crewit Resourcing in UK and Polish native Eva Adams focused on building the business in Ireland.

It was quickly established that the best way to service our customers to an exceptional level was to merge the Irish Canduco business with one of the fastest growing and innovative agencies in UK that serves the Rail & Construction sectors, Crewit Resourcing.

From the 1st December 2016, Canduco became, Crewit Ireland.

The Crewit Team



Managing Director

Gary is the owner of Canduco and the Managing Director of CrewIt Resourcing. He always greets us with a smile on his face. If you hear someone singing in the building, then it must be Gary. Not because he is that good, but because he is that loud. He likes travelling and his main goal is to be the first Irish person to travel to all the countries in the world.



Financial Manager

Liz is probably the biggest Barry’s Tea fan. She once went abroad for two months and made sure she had enough tea for that entire period of time. Liz is the one we go to when we have questions about payroll and accountancy. Sorry for the hundreds of emails and phone calls, Liz!




Fran has recently started with Canduco and we have welcomed her with open arms. Especially because she is the one that makes sure we get paid. Fran likes walking and reading, hopefully not at the same time because we don’t want to see her getting hurt.

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